Hi, my name is Cathy Brown.  Welcome to my website!
I'm a self-representing glass jewelry artist.  I love to make glass beads that
are, well, out of the ordinary.  Complex and  intricate designs requiring advanced flameworking techniques make my beads stand out from the rest.  My jewelry design mantra has always been "it's all about the bead".  With that
in mind, my jewelry designs remain simple, yet classic in style allowing the glass art bead to steal the show.

This website allows me to display samples of my work, giving you insight into my bead style and jewelry design.  I'll update the Gallery with new items from time to time, so check back often.  If you have questions or see something you're interested in, send me an email.  I check my email daily and will respond to your request promptly.

Also, check my Shows link to see which art fairs I'll be  attending.  I hope to see you at one of my shows!

Thank you for visiting my website!
I appreciate your interest in my work.



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